Today is about you, so let us celebrate.

As part of my effort to recognize and appreciate each of you, let me start by sharing my gratitude for the love and commitment each of you hold for the children and families in our communities and the unity you share with one another.

You open your homes and heart each day. You hear “babies whispers” and you know just what to do; you connect, calm, and comfort while still caring for the others over two.

Over the last couple of months, each of you have been faced with challenges that you have never known before.  You showed courage, by your choice or not, to remain open or even to close your doors.  Often providers go unnoticed, nevertheless, please know, you are a hero for our children, working parents, and to me.

My hope for you today and always; may you have time to enjoy your most favorite thing to do.  May the love and dedication you share with the children come back double from the families that are fortunate to have you.
Enjoy your day!

Pam Wells
President, CSEA/VOICE Local 100A