Join us at the NYSaeyc Annual Conference

CSEA/VOICE will cover your conference registration fees for all licensed group family and registered family child care providers (outside of NYC).


This year the  NYSaeyc Conference
will be held in Rye, NY on March 30 to April 1

 All registration fees paid by CSEA/VOICE!
This is a great professional conference with a special track for family child care providers that features workshops by Tom Copeland, national expert and resource on the business of family child care. Network with other family child care providers and earn training credits!

Get your personalized payment code:
Provide your CSEA ID number, daycare license number and choose the package of your choice. It takes 24 hours for your personalized payment code to activate. Once activated, you can register with NYSaeyc directly by going to the NYSaeyc registration portal at:

If you can’t make the whole conference and live nearby, you can register for one day.
For more information including your CSEA ID number, email or call 877-483-2732.