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4webccptfinal“Enhanced Rate Training” is being offered to legally-exempt providers right now with resources we successfully negotiated in our second child care contract. In 2012-13, using resources negotiated in CSEA’s first contract, we developed and delivered FREE “enhanced rate” training to hundreds of informal providers across the state.

Upon completion of 10 hours training offered through this program, providers can be paid the DSS “enhanced rate” which is 5 or 10 percent more than the standard rate of pay, depending on the county in which you live. What does that mean in real dollars? If the standard reimbursement weekly rate for legally-exempt providers caring for a child ages 3 to 5 in Monroe County is $111, the “enhanced rate” is $119. In Broome County, the standard rate is $91; the enhanced rate is $98.

Times are harder than ever. New federal requirements for subsidy dollars will soon require legally-exempt child care providers to complete health and safety training, including Infant/Child CPR, annual inspections and fingerprinting. Only our union gives child care providers power and resources we never had before to safeguard child care and sustain the work we do to support working families and our communities. With a strong dues paying membership base, our union will continue to negotiate and deliver resources, support and services to child care providers across New York.


CSEA Child Care Members Vote Decisively to Ratify Second Contract


Three AAA officials counted ballots for nearly four hours to determine the outcome of the contract ratification by members at CSEA headquarters on June 1.

The American Arbitration Association conducted a ballot count at CSEA Headquarters on June 1. CSEA’s 100A and 100B members (VOICE and CCPT) voted decisively to ratify a second child care contract. More than 99 percent of those casting ballots voted yes. Work is underway now with the NY Department of Health and Office of Children and Family Services to implement the new contract which includes health care rebates, supplemental vision and dental insurance, program grants and professional development. See below for highlights.

CSEA Child Care Tentative Agreement Exceeds Expectations!

Because we have a strong base of dues-paying members, we have reached a second child care Tentative Agreement with the NYS Office of Children and Family Services that exceeds our expectations in these hard times for working families.

Highlights of the four-year agreement (October 2013 through September, 2017) include:

  • Expanded Professional Development Fund to continue free Enhanced Rate training. Other topics will include, but not be limited to: CPR training, emergency preparedness training; making the most of your space training; business training; completion of credentials and degrees in Early Childhood Education including coaching and mentoring, and other courses mutually agreed upon by OCFS and the Union.
  • Health insurance premium rebate paid up to maximum allowance for both health insurance purchased through the NY State of Health Exchange (NYSOH) and supplemental vision and dental insurance (for providers not enrolled in Medicaid.)
  • Guiding Principles (Provider Rights) – to make sure we get the respect we deserve.
  • Child Care Quality Grants for legally-exempt providers who have worked as enrolled providers for at least a one year and have met specific professional development requirements.

*Only CCPT/CSEA members may vote on this Agreement. Watch for the yellow envelope in the mail. Read and follow the instructions about how to complete and return the ballot.

2015 Childcare ratification ballot draft


Download Detailed CCPT/CSEA Contract Summary.
Download Ballot Instructions and Voting Procedures.

LOST OR MISSING BALLOT? Voters with missing or damaged ballots will be directed to request replacements by calling our Duplicate Hotline 1-800-529-5218 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This number is to be utilized only for duplicate ballot requests. Members may also make requests by e-mailing requests to Sacha Ulerio at Voters are asked not to call prior to May 20, 2015, to allow sufficient time for the delivery of all ballots.

Si usted desea una copia traducida al Español, por favor llame al Centro de Recursos para el cuidado de niños al (877) 483-CSEA (2732).