FamiliesEarnChildrenLearn [Converted] copyWe must act now! COVID-19 has wrecked our state and local budgets, and we can’t get back on track without federal aid. The child care sector has been devastated by the pandemic. Half of our child care programs have closed. How can families get back to work without child care?

Thankfully, some leaders in Congress are listening. They introduced the Child Care is Essential Act (HR 7027/S.3874), which would provide $50 billion for child care.

WE MUST URGE OUR  MEMBERS OF CONGRESS to push for $50 billion to support child care so people like us can keep working and working families can count on our businesses to provide them the quality care they have come to count on.

A recent survey indicates that without additional federal aid, at least 2 out of 5 child care programs will close permanently. The risk is even greater for minority-owned child care programs, where more than half will close without additional aid.

LET THEM HEAR US! We need relief NOW!!! 

CLICK –> https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-congress-child-care-providers-need-help-now/

Click on the link above and write to your members of Congress today, to urge them to support this aid. Use the suggested letter or tailor your message to be personal. Whichever way you choose, be sure to urge them to act immediately on a relief package that provides states, counties, cities and towns with needed aid to ensure essential services can continue, including keeping child care programs open. (The form will ask you to choose a “TOPIC.”  Please choose “social welfare.”)

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