Get state approved training to meet registration/licensing requirements AT NO COST TO YOU with participating training organizations by using the CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Training Program. Many child care training topics and hours, delivered by participating training organizations are available.

This opportunity is funded by the Professional Development dollars that CSEA/VOICE negotiated in our second union agreement with NYS and OCFS.

*How to Use this Program *

1. Receive a CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Training Payment Code by going to: https://csealearningcenter.org/grants/cseaprofdev.cfm and selecting a participating training organization.

2. Have your course name, course number and number of training hours available to enter to receive your payment code.

3. Contact the participating training organization directly to REGISTER and provide your CSEA/VOICE Payment Code. You should have no out-of-pocket expense when using a participating provider.

For more information contact Diane Medick at diane.medick@cseainc.org or at 518-782-4426 or 855-472-6848 (toll-free). For more information about CSEA/VOICE call ourBi-lingual Child Care Resource Center at 877-483-CSEA (2732).