Parents and Providers: Your Voice Makes a Difference—Tell us your story

2shareyourstoryState and County lawmakers rely on hearing from the public to decide what kind of funding and eligibility to give to child care. Stories from parents can help shape how lawmakers prioritize what our communities’ need.

Personal experiences in dealing with the child care subsidy system are incredibly valuable and vital for our leaders to hear right now, as our State and Local Governments begin to make key budget decisions that can directly affect our access to child care subsidies.

You can have a huge impact on whether policymakers work to make child care more affordable by helping them recognize that our communities need better access to child care for parents to work, climb the career ladder, move ahead and for our children to receive the solid foundation and education we need for our communities to thrive.

We need your help collecting the stories of the parents whose children you care for or your own to create an accurate statewide report that illustrates to decision makers the reality parents face in finding and keeping quality child care; simple stories that just tell it like it is.

Can the parents of the children in your care answer these questions or can you share your experience as a parent or as a provider?

–Is affording child care a challenge you face?
–Have you had a reduction in child care access recently?
–How has that affected your family?

–Has access to child care been threatened for you and your child?
–What have you had to do to get by?

–What are your worries for your child if he/she doesn’t have access to child care?
–What are your worries for your employment status?
–Have you gotten into trouble at work because of unreliable child care?

–Have you lost a job because you no longer qualify for a subsidy?
–Have you had to resort to full assistance/welfare because of losing a childcare subsidy?

Well, then we would love to hear from you!

Your voice is essential to ensure that our leaders understand how important access to child care is for working families.

**Please share your story through the following web form by January 15, 2018:


Thanks for your help on this big project. We appreciate all of your time and effort.