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We are VOICE/CSEA: a union made up of and working for family childcare providers from across New York State, organizaing for power to take on challenges facing us and the children and families we serve.


  • Quick Links:

    Grant Application period extended. Now open until 5 p.m. on 7/25
    2016 Child Care Quality Grant ($500)
    No cost Dental and Vision 
    Tuition Reimbursement Program (2016 2017)
    CPR/1st Aid Training Program
    Health Insurance Rebate (up to $1500)
    The Essential Plan: More affordable Health Coverage for child care providers
    What providers and parents need to know about the 2016 min wage increase to $9

  • No Cost Dental and Vison Coverage is Here!

    Click on the flyer to read the details.

    CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for NO COST dental and vision coverage. This benefit, negotiated in our second VOICE contract, provides Dental/Vision Insurance at no cost to any New York State registered family, licensed group family, and eligible enrolled legally-exempt child care providers outside of New York City. NOTE: If you are currently enrolled in Medicaid you are NOT eligible for these benefits. The mailing for this no cost coverage will begin on June 27, 2016 which will include instructions on how to apply, OR you may click the “Apply Online” button below to begin the online application process. Please make sure to check that you have completed the attestation and all sections of the applications.

    Apply Online

  • New Market Rates

    We encourage child care providers to submit comments to OCFS on the new market rate regulation. Comments must be submitted to OCFS by July 27th to be considered.

    If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link to the OCFS page which has the the new market rate regulation posted. Please click on the link “Regulations”. This will bring up a Word document with the new market rate regulations:

    Go to this link to see the Market Rates for your area:

    Click here to learn more…

    Market rate changes explained. 

    A few tips on writing your comments:

    1) Include comments about the changes that you like as well as what you don’t like.
    2) Include information and examples that show positive or negative impact. For example, if your rates will increase, you may want to include an example about how this will help you to deliver quality care to the children in your program. If your rates stayed the same or decreased, you may want to give specific examples about how the cost of operations has increased.

    We are here to help. If you would like assistance with translation or submitting comments, call us at 877-483-2732 or contact Ed, Bonnie or Wendy – your Early Learning and Care Representatives.


  • Westchester Chapter fights to fix subsidy payment issues

    VOICE/CSEA spoke out today about the late and inaccurate subsidy payments that have been causing hardship for providers in Westchester County. Here is a story which aired today on Fios 1-TV. Our very own Cynthia Bolding, Westchester Chapter Representative, is featured in the story. Other stories are expected in the Lower Hudson Valley media market this week. A meeting is scheduled later this month for providers to again meet with county officials. We received confirmation this afternoon that the Commissioner of Social Services will be attending.

    FIOS 1-TV News story
    Read the Press Release


  • Gov. Announces Emergency Regulations for Child Care

    The NYS Office of Children and Family Services posted a new emergency regulation to improve the safety and accountability of child care programs in New York State. The regulations define the conditions under which the state may revoke or suspend a provider’s licenses and increase penalties for serious violations of child care health and safety standards and expanding enforcement for illegally operating child care programs. To read the regulation and information about it, click on this link:

    OCFS will receive comments untilSeptember 12, 2016. They may be submitted electronically to the following email address: Or, they may be submitted by mail to the following address: Public Information Office, New York State Office of Children and Family Services, 52 Washington Street, Rensselaer, New York 12144. Please include the following description in the subject line of an email or heading of a letter: ‘Child Care Safety Regulations’.

  • The 2016 Child Care Quality Grant Program is Here!


     The application deadline has now been extended to p.m. Monday, July 25, 2016! 
    imagePresident’s Welcome
    CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for the CSEA Child Care Quality Grant program for Child Care Providers. CSEA and WORK Institute staff is here to assist you. If you have any questions, about our new agreement with OCFS call our toll-free Child Care Resource Center at (877) 483-CSEA (2732). If you have a rebate question, contact CSEA WORK Institute at (855) 472-6848 or by email at work you do each and every day keeps New York parents earning and children learning. I wish you the best in the coming year.
    Danny Donohue
    CSEA President
    You are eligible if:

    • You live outside NYC and are a New York State Registered Family OR a Licensed Group Family OR an Enrolled Legally-Exempt child care provider.

    CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for a CSEA Child Care Quality Grant (CCQG).  This program, negotiated in our second VOICE contract, provides a grant up to $500 to New York State registered family, licensed group family, and eligible enrolled legally-exempt child care providers outside of New York City.  The grants may be used to purchase equipment and supplies, health and safety items, CPR and First Aid or to cover operating expenses related to licensure or renewal.
    For fastest processing click the “Apply Online” button below. Please make sure to check that you have completed all sections.
    Apply OnlineWeb




    Descargar  y Imprimir aplicación en español. Printer-512 copy

    Download and Print Paper Application.Printer-512 copy

  • CPR/First Aid Training Program
    Maryann Arroyo

    Maryann Arroyo, CSEA Local 100A (VOICE) Nassau Chapter member and a Group Family Provider, is seen here in action, teaching CPR/1st Aid to fellow providers on Long Island. A certified instructor, she is very excited to be a part of the union’s CPR Program. Dozens of classes are scheduled through the rest of this year, with more added regularly, across the state. CSEA has partnered with the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, REMO-EMS and other certfied groups to deliver CPR/1st Aid classes at no cost to Family, Group Family and Legally Exempt providers, their staff and substitutes.

    CPR-AND-FIRSTAIDVOICE/CSEA is covering the cost for CPR/First Aid training in your area. There is no cost to registered, licensed and legally-exempt child care providers, their staff and substitutes. This is paid for by the professional development funds negotiated for in our second union contract.

    Providers; find a training near you at

    If you or any one you know don’t see a class scheduled in your areas but are interested in bringing a CPR/First Aid training to your area, then download and fill out the Training Request Form. The training requires a minimum of seven participants.

    Download and Print the Training Request Form.

    You can email the Training Request Form to; fax it to (518)782-4429 or mail it to CSEA WORK Institute 1 Lear Jet Lane Latham, NY 12110, Attn: Jessie. If you have any further questions, call toll free at 1-855-472-6848 and ask for Jessie.


  • 2016-2017 VOICE/CSEA Tuition Assistance Program

    WorkingVOICE/CSEA is pleased to announce that a tuition assistance program, negotiated in our second union contract, is once again available to all child care providers living outside New York City taking credit-bearing coursework leading to a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) or an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Early Care Education.

    There are two ways to take advantage of this exciting new program. You can either have VOICE/CSEA pay the participating education institution directly via voucher or you can pay for it and be reimbursed up to $275 per credit hour for courses up to four credits. Only reimbursement may be used at accredited institutions not listed in the catalog. The tuition assistance program provides up to two such vouchers or reimbursements, or one of each.

    Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2017. All fees and expenses other than tuition are your responsibility…read more.

    Download Tuition Program Catalog

    The CSEA WORK Institute is administering this program in collaboration with the New York State and CSEA Partnership for Education and Training. If you have any additional questions, please call the CSEA WORK Institute at 866-478-5548. You can find the applications to download and print, below.

    Tuition Voucher application (2016-17)      Tuition Reimbursement Application (2016-17)

    dd_ja_VOICE Tuition Assistance Catalog 2016-17_Page_17dd_ja_VOICE Tuition Assistance Catalog 2016-17_Page_15

  • VOICE/CSEA to Officials: ‘slots at risk if no added funding’

    IMG_0009crop_edited-1Fran Turner, CSEA Legislative and Political Action Director, recently testified at a public hearing hosted by the NYS Assembly Committee on Children and Families. The subject was “Child Care Assistance for Low-Income Families” – specifically focusing on how implementing the federal child care block grant (CCDBG) re-authorization will impact child care subsidies in New York.   New federal requirements include FBI background clearances and fingerprints; annual health and safety training in ten topic areas, including First Aid/CPR for all child care workers;and extending parent eligibility from six to 12 months.

    IMG_0044_cropbigscreen_edited-1Turner and the other ten child care advocates who testified, all spoke to the urgent need for New York to increase its investment in child care subsidies. Without a substantial increase in child care spending in this year’s budget, the cost to implement the new federal requirements will drastically cut the number of children and families receiving child care subsidies.

    OCFS is required to submit an implementation plan to the federal government. It will release its CCDF plan to the federal government by March 1. Before then, we will have opportunities to testify at public hearings in mid-January (NYC, Rochester, Albany) and to submit written comments. We anticipate that NYS will have to make additional changes through legislation and regulation to comply with the new federal standards.

    Before the year ends, the federal government will pass a budget that includes $326 million for the Child Care Development Block Grant – the funds that are allocated to states for child care subsidies. Although this is the largest increase in CCDBG funding in 15 years, it is not nearly enough to cover the costs to states to implement the new federal standards.   We anticipate that New York’s share from this year’s CCDBG allocation will be about 14.6 million – far less than the $200 million we estimate the cost to be.

    We will keep you updated on state and federal CCDBG policy and funding.


  • Monroe County Payment Issue: Union action yields solid relationships and mounting pressure


    ronorapicdnc copy

    VOICE/CSEA leader and DHS Committee member Ronora James cradles one of the children in her child care. The DHS committee have been meeting with DHS on a regular basis to come to a solution to improve and end the payment issues in Monroe County.

    Union strength and solidarity in action by VOICE/CSEA Monroe County Chapter members is yielding a solid, productive relationship with the Department of Human Services and mounting pressure on Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and the Legislature to do what is right to fix child care subsidy payment problems.

    A full update will be printed in the next edition of the VOICE/CSEA Work Force newspaper.

    Read and watch the latest clips of VOICE/CSEA working to solve the subsidy payment issue in the news and browse pictures from the latest meetings and actions via the links below:

    Photos from the July 7 action on subsidy payments
    The story that launched it all:
    7/8/15 Daycare providers: Monroe County must provide subsides on time
    Photos from the rescheduled July 28th meeting with DHS

    VOICE/CSEA continues the conversation toward real solutions:
    8/10/15 Daycares frustrated over county payments
    Community leaders step in to voice their support for providers and mount additional pressure on County Executive and Legislature:
    8/11/15 End late payments to child care providers
    8/11/15 Frankel decries late county day care payments