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We are VOICE/CSEA: a union made up of and working for family childcare providers from across New York State, organizaing for power to take on challenges facing us and the children and families we serve.


  • FREE Conference Registration for Family Child Care Providers

    New York State Association for the Education of Young Children
    (NYSAEYC) Annual Conference, 
    April 7-9, 2016

    Special Family Child Care Track by Tom Copeland
    Budgeting for Child Care Programs
    Taxes and Recordkeeping — 2015 and 2016

    VOICE/CSEA will pay the NYSAEYC Conference registration fee for currently registered and licensed group family child care providers (outside NYC in the CSEA child care bargaining unit) using resources for professional development funding that members negotiated in last year’s contract with New York State and the Office of Children and Family Services. (Providers are responsible for hotel and other incidental costs).

    To register directly with NYSAEYC you will need the CSEA member promo code, your CSEA ID number, and your license number. For more information including the code and your CSEA ID number, e-mail or call 877-483-CSEA (2732).


    Each year, the state Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) issues an updated database file to VOICE/CSEA with current licensing and contact information for providers in our bargaining unit. Please be advised that information regarding refunds from previous years were cleared from the system resulting in deductions starting again for Non-Members. VOICE/CSEA and OCFS are working together to correct this issue. Any deductions taken in error will be refunded as soon as possible to the parties affected.


  • Quick Links:

    CCDF Webinar
    Health Insurance Rebate (up to $1500)

    Child Care Quality Grant ($500)
    Tuition Reimbursement
    What providers and parents need to know about 12/31/15 min wage increase to $9
    The Essential Plan: NEW — more affordable Health Coverage for providers

  • VOICE/CSEA to Officials: ‘slots at risk if no added funding’

    IMG_0009crop_edited-1Fran Turner, CSEA Legislative and Political Action Director, recently testified at a public hearing hosted by the NYS Assembly Committee on Children and Families. The subject was “Child Care Assistance for Low-Income Families” – specifically focusing on how implementing the federal child care block grant (CCDBG) re-authorization will impact child care subsidies in New York.   New federal requirements include FBI background clearances and fingerprints; annual health and safety training in ten topic areas, including First Aid/CPR for all child care workers;and extending parent eligibility from six to 12 months.

    IMG_0044_cropbigscreen_edited-1Turner and the other ten child care advocates who testified, all spoke to the urgent need for New York to increase its investment in child care subsidies. Without a substantial increase in child care spending in this year’s budget, the cost to implement the new federal requirements will drastically cut the number of children and families receiving child care subsidies.

    OCFS is required to submit an implementation plan to the federal government. It will release its CCDF plan to the federal government by March 1. Before then, we will have opportunities to testify at public hearings in mid-January (NYC, Rochester, Albany) and to submit written comments. We anticipate that NYS will have to make additional changes through legislation and regulation to comply with the new federal standards.

    Before the year ends, the federal government will pass a budget that includes $326 million for the Child Care Development Block Grant – the funds that are allocated to states for child care subsidies. Although this is the largest increase in CCDBG funding in 15 years, it is not nearly enough to cover the costs to states to implement the new federal standards.   We anticipate that New York’s share from this year’s CCDBG allocation will be about 14.6 million – far less than the $200 million we estimate the cost to be.

    We will keep you updated on state and federal CCDBG policy and funding.


  • What you need to know about the $9/hr min. wage increase

    The NYS Minimum wage will increase on 12/31/15 affecting providers and  parents. 

    New York State labor law requires that ALL private sector employees in the state, including child care and domestic workers, must receive this wage beginning 12/31/15. We have a few reminders to those of you, who employ assistants or aides;

    A standard workweek is 40 hours. If employees work any hours beyond that, then s/he must be paid at 1½ times the regular wage. Violators will be subject to criminal prosecution and penalties. Employers that break the new Minimum Wage Law will be ordered to pay:

    — Back wages
    — Interest
    — Liquidated damages and Fines

    Wage Increase1

    Download and Print this NOTICE FOR PARENTS; courtesy of VOICE/CSEA.

    Last year, the fines for violations totaled up to 200 percent of the missing wages and also 16 percent interest paid on the unpaid wages. We expect this year to be similar. Employers must place an updated Minimum Wage poster in their place of business where workers can see it. You will be able to download a poster for free closer to the deadline date at

    ALSO – remind the parents in your program that currently receive child care assistance / subsidy that DSS requires immediate notice of change in income. Failure to report a wage increase could result in loss of benefits and even charges of fraud. Tipped professions will also receive an increase. Download and Print NOTICE FOR PARENTS. Visit for details or call the New York Department of Labor.


    Questions or concerns about obeying the Minimum Wage Law? Contact the Labor Department at 1-888-4-NYSDOL for help, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


  • New WDI video highlights VOICE/CSEA Provider

    The Work Force Development Institute and VOICE/CSEA often work together advocating for access to child care for working families. We are proud to share their most recent video project, produced by WDI, featuring VOICE/CSEA member Terri Rainey. It reflects the hard work and challenges working families face and how important it is for parents to have access to subsidies for quality child care like Terri Rainey’s program.

    Watch the series
    Watch Terri Rainey’s segment


  • New Health Insurance Option for Child Care Providers

    Some providers have expressed concern that even with the rebate for up to $1500, purchasing health insurance through the marketplace is still too expensive. It is another option and still qualifies you for the CSEA Health Insurance Rebate for up to $1500.

    The Essential Plan is a new plan being offered (as of Nov. 1 for Jan 2016 coverage) through the NY State of Health marketplace that costs either $20 or nothing per month and offers the same essential benefits as other health plans.

    whocanbuyessential copy


    essential plan income levels copy If you don’t qualify for Medicaid and still find it hard to pay marketplace premiums this may be for you.

    Learn More
    How to Enroll
    Scroll down to learn more about the CSEA Health Insurance Rebate for up to $1500.


  • The Child Care Quality Grant is here!
    imagePresident’s Welcome
    CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for the CSEA Child Care Quality Grant program for Child Care Providers. CSEA and WORK Institute staff is here to assist you.
    If you have any questions, about our new agreement with OCFS call our toll-free Child Care Resource Center at (877) 483-CSEA (2732).
    If you have a health insurance rebate question or a Child Care Quality Grant, contact CSEA WORK Institute at (855) 472-6848 or by email at
    The work you do each and every day keeps New York parents earning and children learning. I wish you the best in the coming year.
    Danny Donohue
    CSEA President





    You are eligible if:

    You live outside NYC and are a New York State Registered Family OR a Licensed Group Family OR an Enrolled Legally-Exempt child care provider.

    CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for a CSEA Child Care Quality Grant (CCQG).  This program, negotiated in our second VOICE contract, provides a grant up to $500 to New York State registered family, licensed group family, and eligible enrolled legally-exempt child care providers outside of New York City.  The grants may be used to purchase equipment and supplies, health and safety items, CPR and First Aid or to cover operating expenses related to licensure or renewal. For fastest processing click the “Apply Online” button below. Please make sure to check that you have completed all sections.
    WebApply Online












  • $1500 Health Insurance Rebate for Providers now available

    Health insurance document in folder with stethoscopeWe are pleased to announce that CSEA will rebate up to $1,500 in premiums paid for health insurance purchased through the NY State of Health marketplace (NYSOH) in 2015 for licensed group, registered family, and enrolled legally-exempt child care providers outside NYC.

    This is a benefit that was negotiated by our union and is available for all providers.


    red-arrow-curved-downright1-300x296*If you have already purchased health insurance through the NYS Marketplace and would like to apply for the rebate; click here to learn more and/or apply for the $1500 REBATE.*

    red-arrow-curved-downright1-300x296*If you have NOT already purchased health insurance through the marketplace but would like to; click here to learn more about the “Special Enrollment Period” and/or connect with a “Navigator” who will help you decide which plan is best for you and your family.*

  • VOICE/CSEA tuition assistance now available for Child Care Providers

    WorkingVOICE/CSEA is pleased to announce that a tuition assistance benefit (as negotiated in our second union contract) is now available to all child care providers living outside New York City.

    Receive up to two vouchers or reimbursements for credit bearing course work leading to a CDA, Associates or Bachelors degrees in early learning and care education.  More Details

    Applications will be accepted through March 2016. Tuition vouchers will be paid directly to the institution.

    Learn more about the difference between a voucher and reimbursement; access a catalog of participating education providers and download forms to apply.

    The CSEA WORK Institute is administering this benefit in collaboration with the New York State and CSEA Partnership for Education and Training.  If you have any additional questions, please call the CSEA WORK Institute at (866) 478-5548.

    VOICE/CSEA is pleased to offer this tuition assistance benefit and we wish you much success.