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We are CSEA/VOICE: a union made up of and working for family child care providers from across New York State, organizing for power to take on challenges facing us and the children and families we serve.


  • 🔻Community Resources🔻

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    Many members have inquired about resources for basic supplies such as hand sanitizer, gloves, toilet paper and even food due to shortages in their communities. Many of the Child Care Councils have compiled lists of agencies, outlets and other sources which may have needed items or services.

    This link goes to a complete listing of all Child Care Councils across the state. Go to their website. Not only do they listings for supplies, they also have important information about the COVID 19 virus and advice on subjects such as “How to talk to Children about the Virus”.

    Also, be sure to keep this link to the main news page of the OCFS website handy:



    CSEA/VOICE Local 100A has suspended all of our upcoming conferences and trainings until further notice due to the coronavirus public health crisis. Rescheduled dates – TBD.
    CSEA/VOICE Events Calendar


  • New OCFS Coronavirus Guidance and Resources – 3/20/20

    Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 10.50.19 AMNEW guidance  3-19-20
    OCFS has sent new guidance regarding the novel coronavirus to all child care providers via email – ‘Dear Provider’ letters, Guidance for Parents Seeking Child Care, and a poster for all programs to prominently display (see links below.)

    Please be sure to check your email if you haven’t seen it already for the latest guidance. You can also also find documents posted below for download and printing.

    For any questions about your program and the coronavirus, contact Department of Health. Here is a link to their website:

    Please know this is an evolving situation. Please check back often to remain informed with the latest information.




  • Up to $2500 Health Insurance Rebate

    President’s Welcome –  Application Period is CLOSED

    MarySullivan2019 cropforweb2CSEA is pleased to invite you to apply for the CSEA Health Insurance Rebate program for Child Care Providers.CSEA and WORK Institute staff is here to assist you. If you have any questions, about our new agreement with OCFS call our toll-free Child Care Resource Center at (877) 483-CSEA (2732).

    If you have a rebate question, contact CSEA WORK Institute at (855) 472-6848 or by email at

    The work you do each and every day keeps New York parents earning and children learning. I wish you the best in the coming year.


    In Solidarity,

    MaryESullivan sig



    Mary E. Sullivan
    CSEA President


  • Union will now pay cost of NAFCC Accreditation

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    CSEA/VOICE Local 100A will now pay the cost of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Accreditation for NYS Registered Family and Licensed Group Family Child Care Providers (outside of New York City.)  You can either have CSEA/VOICE pay directly by calling the CSEA WORK Institute or you can pay for it and submit a CSEA/VOICE NAFCC Accreditation Reimbursement Application for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

    If you have any additional questions, please call the CSEA WORK Institute at 866-478-5548.

    Download & Print NAFCC Reimbursement Application


  • CSEA/VOICE (CDA) Scholarship Program (Child Development Associate Credential)


    Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.24.49 AMCSEA/VOICE is offering a CDA Scholarship program, negotiated in our second union contract, and available to all NYS Registered Family or Licensed Group Family childcare providers outside of New York City.

    There are two ways to take advantage of this exciting new program. You can either have CSEA/VOICE pay the participating education institution directly via payment code or you can pay for it and be reimbursed up to $3,000.

    You may receive a CSEA/VOICE CDA payment code by clicking on the link below and selecting a participating training provider or submit a CSEA/VOICE CDA reimbursement form for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

    If you have any additional questions, please call the CSEA WORK Institute at 866-478-5548. You can find the application to download and print, below.

    CDA Scholarship Reimbursement Application


  • New Legislation Prohibits Smoking


    No_smoking_symbolHere is information about Bill A.397B/S.7522 signed by Governor Cuomo in August prohibiting smoking in facilities that provide child care services in NY. Watch for an OCFS “Dear Provider” letter for more information. We will post the information from the “Dear Provider” letter when it is released.


  • Important Epinephrine information from OCFS


    1920px-Epi-Pen_2016OCFS posted guidance issued today by the NYS Department of Health on the Epipen shortage with recommendations for Child Care Providers. Please read this article: It outlines the supportive role we can have in keeping children safe by helping parents.


  • Members APPROVE NEW 4-year Contract!!


    at ballot count 2018 VOICE

    Pictured here is staff and CSEA members Mary Archambault, Janet Turner, and Allison Joseph who assisted with opening and counted ballots.

    CSEA /VOICE Local 100A members ratified our third contract with OCFS and NYS.  An overwhelming majority of those voting said “YES”.  This is a four year contract (2017-2021) and will enable CSEA/VOICE to continue quality grant, professional development and vision/dental programs.  For more information, read the summary or full contract below or call us at 877-483-2732. 

    Read the full contract or summary
    Lea el contrato completo
     o resumen

    Our Union is STRONG! 
    Since 2002, we’ve built a strong union that supports child care providers to deliver early learning and care to thousands of children and families across the state. We have accomplished many of the goals set by our members at regional, statewide, and chapter meetings.  Through two rounds of contract negotiations since 2009, we have:

    –Delivered more than 30,000 five hundred ($500) dollar child care quality grants to providers who applied.
    –Established a professional development fund for family child care.
    –Partnered with OCFS to develop Legally-Exempt Enhanced Rate Training curriculum and program.
    –Implemented Affordable Care Act health insurance rebates and vision/dental insurance at no cost to on-site providers.
    –Secured Infant/Toddler reimbursement rates through age two (instead of 18 months).
    –Secured mandatory minimum 5% rate differential for non-traditional hour care.
    –Implemented a Fair Dispute Resolution Process for Payments and Inspections.
    –Secured Guiding Principles (Provider Rights) to get the respect we deserve.

    Because we have a strong base of dues paying members, CSEA has a robust program to support our members and providers across the state. CSEA/VOICE:

    –Established the first bilingual statewide family child care resource center to assist with registration, licensing, enrollment, and inspections; DSS payments; fraud investigations and training; CACFP, and professional development.
    –Assists with CPS, fair hearings, OCFS license, registration, and enrollment enforcement procedures and zoning issues.
    –Passed legislation to make adult-child ratios more flexible for providers and families. With new ratios, family child care businesses gained the potential to increase earnings as much as $15,000 per year.
    –Successfully made provider payments more accurate and timely in more than a dozen counties across the state.

    We remember what it was like before we had our union.  Do you?


  • State approved training


    Get state approved training to meet enrollment/registration/licensing requirements AT NO COST TO YOU  with participating training organizations by using the CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Training Program. There are many child care training topics and hours delivered by participating training organizations available.  This program is open to NYS Registered Family or Licensed Group Family as well as Legally Exempt childcare providers outside of New York City.

    This opportunity is funded by the Professional Development dollars that CSEA/VOICE negotiated in our second union agreement with NYS and OCFS.

    *How to Use this Program *

    1. Go to: and enter your license/registration/enrollment number and CSEA ID,  then select a participating training organization where you would like to take training.

    2. Now you must contact the participating training organization directly to REGISTER for training classes. You should have no out-of-pocket expense when using a participating provider. You may take as many classes as you like.

    For more information contact Diane Medick at or at 518-782-4426 or 855-472-6848 (toll-free). For more information about CSEA/VOICE call our Bi-lingual Child Care Resource Center at 877-483-CSEA (2732).