Our Contract

Members Approve 4-Year Contract!

CSEA /VOICE Local 100A members ratified our fourth contract with OCFS and NYS. An overwhelming majority of those voting said “YES.” This is a four-year contract (2021-2025) and will enable CSEA/VOICE to continue quality grant, professional development and vision/dental programs among so much more. For more complete information, read the summary below or call us at (877) 483-2732.

Our Union is STRONG!

Since 2002, we’ve built a strong union that supports child care providers to deliver early learning and care to thousands of children and families across the state. We’ve taken action and accomplished many of the goals set by our members at regional, statewide, and chapter meetings.

We have negotiated and retained

  • AllyHealth Comprehensive Virtual Care Telemedicine Plan provides unlimited access to U.S. Board Certified Doctors and Pediatricians 24/7/365 by phone, video or mobile app, providing you and your household with convenient and unlimited access to quality healthcare with ZERO copays. Go to AllyHealth.net/voice today to activate your account. 
  • Health Insurance Rebate Program provides a rebate of up to $3,000 to assist with the cost of purchasing health coverage under the NY State of Health Marketplace. 
  • Vision/dental insurance at no-cost for providers. (Family coverage is accessed as a member-only benefit.) 
  • Professional Development — including First Aid/CPR; CDA; ECE Tuition Assistance; on-going OCFS approved training to meet requirements; Legally-Exempt “Enhanced Rate” training; includingtraining opportunities for assistants.
  • $500 Quality program grants available to registered family, licensed group family, and enrolled legally-exempt providers who get 10 hours training and are certified to receive an “enhanced” rate. 
  • Secured Infant/Toddler reimbursement rates through age two (instead of 18 months).
  • Secured mandatory minimum 5% rate differential for non-traditional hour care.
  • Implemented a Fair Dispute Resolution Process for Payments and Inspections.
  • Established a professional development fund for family child care including training opportunities for assistants.
  • Partnered with OCFS to develop Legally-Exempt Enhanced Rate Training curriculum and program.
  • Secured Guiding Principles (Provider Rights) to get the respect we deserve.

We also advocated for and helped pass

  • Pay for a statewide minimum of 24 child absences  with a statewide maximum of up to 80 child absences per year.
  • 12-month eligibility determinations for parents.
  • Limiting family copayments to a maximum of 10%  statewide
  • $343 million available for a second round of stabilization grants, of which at least 75% of which must be used for workforce initiatives ($257,250,000)
  • Expands childcare subsidy eligibility for children in families with incomes up to 300% of the state income standard, provided they are at or below 85% of the federal poverty level ($83,250 for a family of four).
  • Expands childcare facilitated enrollment to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, in addition to existing programs.

Because we have a strong base of dues paying members, CSEA has a robust program to support our members and providers across the state. CSEA/VOICE:

  • Established the first bilingual statewide family child care resource center to assist with registration, licensing, enrollment, and inspections; DSS payments; fraud investigations and training; CACFP, and professional development.
  • Assists with CPS, fair hearings, OCFS license, registration, and enrollment enforcement procedures and zoning issues.
  • Passed legislation to make adult-child ratios more flexible for providers and families. With new ratios, family child care businesses gained the potential to increase earnings as much as $15,000 per year.
  • Successfully made provider payments more accurate and timely in more than a dozen counties across the state.

How can we help?

Our contract is a product of conversations among providers for more than 20 years. It represents a small part of our program which educates and empowers providers to be the best we can be for the children and families we serve.

We want to hear from you.