CSEA/VOICE Trainings are Aspire Approved!

Since 2008, we have negotiated professional development funds to offer required trainings at NO COST to you! Our trainings are Aspire and OCFS approved that meet enrollment, licensing or registration requirements. We offer trainings that sustain our businesses and give us access to stellar industry experts allowing us to grow personally and professionally.

Earn your CDA or receive ECE Tuition Assistance toward a degree. Participate in the free college program or Legally-Exempt “Enhanced Rate” training, learn the ins and outs of the business side of family child care, ACE trauma trainings and much much more!

Live Spanish translators available for most trainings. Look for Spanish text on our announcements and calendar.

Check our EVENTS CALENDAR to find a complete list of trainings being offered right now.



Darcy Leone, CSEA/VOICE Local 100A Treasurer and Suffolk Chapter Representative is a Group Family Provider is professionally certified in CPR/1st Aid. She is seen here in action, teaching fellow providers and their assistants on Long Island satisfying the state requirement for in-person demonstration. 

CPR/First AID Training Program

CSEA/VOICE is covering the cost for CPR/First Aid training in your area. The class is open to eligible registered and licensed child care providers, their staff, substitutes and volunteers requiring certification and/or renewal within 90 days.

This is paid for by the professional development funds negotiated for in our second union contract. Please note: there is a 2 person limit per child care program.

If you have any further questions, call the CSEA WORK Institute toll free at 1-855-472-6848.

Find a CPR training near you at:

Save Time – Blended CPR/First Aid

What is Blended CPR/First Aid?

 1.  Train at home online.
 2. Complete an in-person skills assessment.

The CSEA/VOICE two-step blended program is flexible and allows you to skip up to 4 hours in the classroom. It is offered at no cost to you through funds that were negotiated in our latest union contract with OCFS and New York State.

Open to all licensed, registered and enrolled child care providers, your staff, substitutes and volunteers.

You must complete the in-person skills assessment within a maximum time of 62 days from the date of registration. CPR/First Aid certification will be given when both the online training and the in-person skills assessment is completed.



      • Log in to your CSEA/VOICE CPR/First Aid account or create one if needed here:       
      • Select who will be taking the training (for assistants click on “Assistant Accounts”)
      • Once the person is selected, choose “BLENDED ONLINE LEARNING”.
      • Enter your information to register.
      • Choose your trainer from the drop-down menu provided. The trainer will provide you  with access to your online training course. When the online training is completed, you must schedule with the trainer for the in-person skills assessment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Work Institute at 1-855-472-6848 or email

CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Training Program

Get state approved training to meet enrollment/registration/licensing requirements AT NO COST TO YOU  with participating training organizations by using the CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Training Program. There are many child care training topics and hours, delivered by participating training organizations available. This program is open to NYS Registered Family, Licensed Group Family and Legally Exempt childcare providers outside of New York City.

This opportunity is funded by the Professional Development dollars that CSEA/VOICE negotiated in our second union agreement with NYS and OCFS.

How to Use this Program

  1. Go to: and enter your license/registration/enrollment number and CSEA ID,  then select a participating training organization where you would like to take training. 
  2. Now you must contact the participating training organization directly to REGISTER for training classesYou should have no out-of-pocket expense when using a participating provider. You may take as many classes as you like.

For more information contact Diane Medick at or at 518-782-4426 or 855-472-6848 (toll-free). For more information about CSEA/VOICE call our Bi-lingual Child Care Resource Center at 877-483-CSEA (2732).





Although Tom Copeland recently made the decision to retire, his legacy carries on with his successors who now manage his “Taking Care of Business” blog and are stewards of his Family Child Care resources. We wish Tom the absolute best and thank him for nearly a decade of partnership and friendship. All courses that were developed for CSEA/VOICE remain accessible through online instruction and approved by OCFS. 

Free Online Courses Developed By Industry Expert Tom Copeland

The CSEA/VOICE Professional Development Child Care Program is offering 6 online training courses for a total of 8.5 approved training hours on “The Business of Family Child Care” topics. Each course is eligible for Educational Incentive Program (EIP) funding if applicable.

The online courses provide a supportive learning environment, accessible to providers at any time of the day or night. The following CSEA online courses were reviewed and approved by OCFS as non-credit bearing distance learning training that meets the criteria for training hours: The Basics of Family Child Care Record Keeping and Taxes; The Business of Family Child Care; Family Child Care Contracts and Policies; Marketing Your Business; Money Management and Retirement Planning; Reducing Your Risks and Legal and Insurance Issues.

Tuition Assistance


CSEA/VOICE is offering tuition assistance once again to all NYS Registered Family or Licensed Group Family childcare providers outside of New York City taking credit-bearing coursework leading to an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Early Care Education or coursework toward a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).

CSEA/VOICE can provide tuition vouchers or reimburse up to $305 per credit hour for courses up to four credits for a total of four vouchers and/or reimbursements between  April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025.


CSEAVOICE Tuition Reimbursement Application

CSEAVOICE Tuition Voucher Application

2024-2025 CSEAVOICE Tuition Assistance Program Catalog


For more information contact Diane Medick at or at 518-782-4426 or 855-472-6848 (toll-free). For more information about CSEA/VOICE call our Bi-lingual Child Care Resource Center at 877-483-CSEA (2732).

CDA Scholarship Program

CSEA/VOICE is offering a CDA Scholarship program, negotiated in our second union contract, and available to all NYS Registered Family or Licensed Group Family childcare providers outside of New York City.

There are two ways to take advantage of this exciting new program. You can either have CSEA/VOICE pay the participating education institution directly via payment code or you can pay for it and be reimbursed up to $3,000.

You may receive a CSEA/VOICE CDA payment code by clicking on the link below and selecting a participating training provider or submit a CSEA/VOICE CDA reimbursement form for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

If you have any additional questions, please call the CSEA WORK Institute at 866-478-5548. You can find the application to download and print, below.


Samantha Holmes



Home-based child care plays an important part in assisting families by providing a safe and healthy environment, and teaching little people the skills to succeed in and out of school.

Before our union, the specialized training hours required to provide a high quality of Child Care was costly and not effective.

Now, child care providers are given the tools necessary to enhance skills and knowledge thru the training and education they receive from our union—Regional Conferences, Professional Development and OCFS approved mandated training hours—at no cost!

It has helped me to do my job with greater ease and success and is invaluable to both me and my staff.

Suffolk Chapter Member

Kari Kiah



CSEA/VOICE has improved my daycare program immensely. Our union has given my program the ability to educate ourselves on state requirements through virtual trainings. Having access to virtual trainings is important for a busy schedule and allows for learning when it is convenient no matter how far away you may live. Learning in a stress free, home environment is easy and effective. Becoming a member of CSEA voice was a great decision.

St. Lawrence-Jefferson-Lewis
Chapter Member

Alba Chavez Acosta



The application process was simple and straightforward, and the staff was friendly and helpful. Very recently,  I easily received the approval and I look forward to using the tuition assistance program to further my education advancing my career, becoming a more successful professional and positively impacting the children I care for. I am grateful for this program, and I thank CSEA/VOICE for the support provided to me. I am proud and grateful to be a part of our union.” 

Suffolk Chapter Member