The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) announced that starting on May 15, 2024, current Workforce Retention Grant awardees will receive an additional award! All approved grant awardees who are in good standing and have met and continue to meet the grant requirements are eligible for an additional award. The additional award amount is determined by the awardee’s modality type and the number of staff who were previously eligible to receive a Component A bonus payment.

At this time, No Action is Required. 

The total additional award will be issued in one payment. To ensure spending and reporting deadlines are met, OCFS encourages programs to make bonus payments quickly after receiving their award.

As a reminder, all Workforce Retention Grant funds received must be spent by September 1, 2024.

The chart below details the additional payment amount each eligible program can expect to receive and how the funds should be spent.

Modality Staff Retention Award Amount

Per Staff

Payroll Tax Assistance Award Amount

Per Staff

Staff Recruitment Award Amount

Per Program

FDC $ 2,250 $ 172 $ 2,000
GFDC $ 2,250 $ 172 $ 4,000


All staff who received the initial award are eligible to receive the retention bonus for the additional award if they continue to meet the SOI requirements. Requirements are outlined in section VII – Staff Eligibility Requirements of the SOI .

No requests for individual staff roster modifications will be allowed for the additional award.

For more information, please review the SOI and visit the Workforce Retention Grant Website: