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Help with Legal, CPS, Inspection Resolution, Licensing and more! 

Having a statewide organization of members also gives us the power to solve local issues as they arise. There are 25 CSEA/VOICE Chapters established across the state with direct access to Early Learning and Care Representatives and a bilingual Member Resource Center for you to ask questions and receive guidance.

Because of our union and the relationships we’ve built with OCFS and DSS across the state, we now have providers rights, representation in violation disputes, licensing support, legal representation for fair hearing and CPS support.

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Safeguarding our Profession

Membership keeps you connected with other providers and gives you an advantage — hearing first about policies and regulation changes, getting access to our Bilingual Member Resource Center, assistance with CPS, licensing, and fair hearings, CCTA, fraud investigations, CACFP, zoning, understanding regulations, notice and connection to multiple grants, small business funding and more!


Rosa Vazquez



I was falsely accusing me of providing illegal daycare in my home. Zoning said I had one week to close my program. I tried to handle it on my own with the town. I have never felt so humiliated. I cried in my son’s arms and said this is not fair or just. Next, I called the child care council and they turned me away. I called Lazara Gomez, a friend who I knew was active in CSEA/VOICE and I joined. My Early Learning Care Representative knew just what to do to fight the town. I never had to close my child care program and it was all straightened out.”                         

Onondaga-Cayuga Chapter Member

Alysha Geddes



“I am a new provider, and I didn’t even know if I was a member until another provider said to, ‘Call VOICE…they are the ones that have your back.’ Thank God that I was able to get the help when I needed it. I was facing at least $4,000 in legal fees but included with my membership, I was able to get a CSEA attorney who is an expert in family child care. My case and license were resolved and I discovered how much support we have.  With the protection of our union, you get it straight— confidential and fair. Whether legal or regulations questions, I never feel judged.”

St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis Chapter Member 

Alicia Johnson



“My husband’s niece made false accusations that he sexually abused her daughter. This launched an investigation into my child care program. For 2 years, I was so afraid and I didn’t know what to do until someone said, ‘call your union’. Bonnie returned my call and next thing I knew; I had a court date and a CSEA attorney. We arrived and not 10 minutes later, before my bottom hit the seat, I was told the case was going to be dismissed. I would never be a child care provider without being a member of CSEA.  These were nasty and serious allegations. It only takes a split second for something to happen and all you have worked for could be gone. I am thankful for my union.”

Erie-Niagara Chapter Member