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CSEA Health Insurance Rebate Program (up to $3000)

The CSEA Health Insurance Rebate Program will provide a rebate of up to $3,000 to assist with the purchasing cost of 2021 health coverage under the NY State of Health exchange. We can only reimburse you for the premium expenses you were required to pay out-of-pocket (after subsidies were applied).

We will require at a minimum for final determination the following:

*   A copy of your Insurance Identification Card

*  The 2021 IRS Form 1095-A you received in January 2022

You are eligible if you meet the following two conditions:

*   You have enrolled in the NY State of Health Benefit Exchange and pay premiums out-of-pocket for health insurance, AND

*   You live outside NYC and are  a New York State Registered Family OR a Licensed Group Family OR an Enrolled Legally-Exempt child care provider.

Applications are due by close of business on June 13, 2022
(The application deadline has been extended to give more providers the opportunity to receive this rebate.)

To participate:Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 12.53.15 PM




Provider Appreciation Day

Every day we celebrate the great progress made by the hard work and advocacy of our union and the child care community in New York State! We focused our passion for helping children and families, engaged our elected leaders and won changes that are desperately needed for us and the families we care for. It’s a lot to be proud of!!

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Child Care Stabilization Grants


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On July 30, 2021, New York State announced an historic nearly $1.1 billion in grants to support child care providers to help stabilize the industry and enable more families to return to the workforce. Eligible providers include OCFS-licensed or registered programs and enrolled legally exempt group programs. Please be advised that legally exempt non group providers are NOT eligible for these grants. See below for information on legally exempt group and legal exempt non group providers.

The Child Care Stabilization Grant represents an unprecedented opportunity and investment to effectively stabilize the child care sector.

To facilitate ease of distribution of these grants OCFS is offering a single online application.

Technical assistance will be available statewide through CSEA/VOICE (Civil Service Employees Association) the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), and Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco) and the Child Care Resource and Referral agencies to all child care providers who need help to complete the online application.

Apply Today:
Stabilization Help Line: 844-863-9319

FAQ’s can be found here:

Resources on the OCFS website to help with the application:

Tom Copeland is the leading expert on the business of family/group childcare. He will be posting information and updates on a regular basis.

For questions or more information on the Childcare Stabilization Grants call the CSEA/VOICE Resource Center at 877-483-2732 or send an email to

Legally exempt group child care means a program in a facility, other than a residence, in which child care is provided on a regular basis and is not required to be licensed by or registered with the Office or licensed by the City of New York but which meets all applicable State or local requirements for such child care programs. More information can be found here:


Blended Learning CPR/First Aid & AED Trainings


CSEA/VOICE is excited to bring you FREE Blended Online Learning CPR/First Aid & AED trainings with funds negotiated in our latest contract with OCFS and New York State.  The training is a flexible option that can be completed in the comfort of your home with a follow up in-person skills assessment with up to 90 days to complete. It is open to licensed, registered and enrolled child care providers, their staff, substitutes and volunteers requiring certification and/or renewal within 90 days.


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Small Business Loans and Financial Resources

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Here are the links to the SBA Loans that are available:

How to Apply:  Please contact the local SBA District Office or your local small business development center if you are interested in applying for your assistance through these programs.

The NYS Small Business Development Center network recommends submitting a request for assistance online at  You may also find guidance through your local bank.

Unemployment Insurance for family and group family childcare providers: Use this link to file a claim: